About uoca

Ukrainians of Calgary Association is a non-profit organization established by a group of volunteers from Calgary, Alberta,  united by the idea and willingness to provide humanitarian help for people of Ukraine who suffer the war. We are a very focused group, who have families and friends in Ukraine.

Our main objective is to acquire, deliver, and distribute medical supplies and humanitarian help to those destinations in Ukraine that are in need. Thus, saving lives of people of Ukraine is a paramount to our efforts. We appreciate and welcome any support and collaboration you might consider, as our battle here will continue until peace prevails in Ukraine. 

who we help

As of today, we spent $100,000+ on medical supplies and shipped donated supplies of a $150,000+ value including limited items that are sold in Europe and Ukraine. We help hospitals, medical clinics, and volunteers. 

HOW we Do it

In this video, you can learn more on what inspires Ukrainians of Calgary Association to move forward. 

Learn about fundraising events and other initiatives UOCA participates in and organizes to raise funds to purchase and deliver medications and humanitarian supplies to Ukraine. 

Learn about the logistic processes Ukrainians of Calgary Association uses to deliver supplies and distribute them in Ukraine. 

Results are one of the crucial parts of any activity, and it is not an exception for UOCA's charity work. Listen to an opinion on how the results of our help can be seen. 

We often hear the term 'humanitarian supplies'. But what kind of stuff is under this umbrella? UOCA has already reached the expert level in this question and you can learn from them too watching this video. 

Why is it important to participate in charities and charity events? Ukrainians of Calgary association knows the answer. Listen to this short video to learn UOCA's point of view.

How We Stand in calgary, Canada


We organize and manage various fundraising events to collect donations

Medical Supplies

We reach out to suppliers to purchase necessary items at the best possible price


We ship supplies to Ukraine through multiple channels, and across Ukraine


We receive a confirmation of supplies being delivered, share it with the public

How We Stand IN LVIV, Ukraine

Medical Supplies

We collect delivered medical supplies and purchase those available in Ukraine


We deliver collected supplies by rail and trucks directly to people


We receive a confirmation of supplies being delivered, share it with the public